I Choose Hope…


© Rebecca Pine

We must hold tight to hope. Today, more than ever. For, it is hope alone that will carry us through the darkest times. We cannot control the external circumstances in our lives. It is only ourselves that we can change.

The world around us is suffering deeply. In recent months, we have seen a tremendous outpouring of kindness and transmutation. There has also been a disappointing display of ignorance and deception. While we must certainly mourn our losses in our own way, let us not lose sight of hope. Hope is the gateway for tremendous courage.   It is that courage, which facilitates true change.

Let us remember that we are not alone. In our togetherness, we find strength—especially when we gather in circles of women, as women have been gathering since the beginning of time. The knowledge of the power of community is in our blood, and in our bones. I speak of women because there is something special that lies deep within each of us, that knows how to nurture and carry life. Our bodies hold the wisdom of how to labor and deliver our young. We have an innate sense to protect our children, and to band together to take a stand for what is right. When we quiet our minds, we have access to that same higher self that guided our bodies through the process of childbirth, illness, famine, or oppression—whatever difficulties each of us has had to endure. True power is a balance between the masculine and the feminine natures. May we strive to embrace, support, and accept one another each and every day.

Regardless of what happens next, I urge us all to choose compassion—even when we find ourselves face to face with hate. May we remember that we always have a choice about how we react. Let us take the time to pause, and to breathe. Hatred breeds more hatred. Violence triggers more violence. Shaming others only isolates both sides. Let’s look honestly at what the world needs most right now, and examine our choices with every new situation that presents itself. If we choose to lower ourselves to respond to negativity with negativity, we only contribute to the problem.

I believe the solution lies—much as it always has—with living our lives with integrity; striving to do the best we can with what we’ve got. When we focus on stretching, growth, and togetherness, we are met with a strength that far exceeds our own. That is not to say that this will always change our outer reality… society around us shifts at its own rate. We are most affective at altering the outside world through our own inner work. When we empower ourselves to rise up in the face of adversity and take a stand peacefully for what we know and believe in our hearts to be true, there is nothing that can take us down. Even in the face of violence or oppression, maintaining compassion and peace ensures that we cannot lose. Dignity and grace are allies that no one can take away from us.

When we rise up in this way, embracing our truth, we can only win. In uniting together, we create a powerful force of change that cannot ultimately be ignored. In choosing kindness over bitterness, we make the greatest difference. Responding to hatred with compassion and education leads to eventual understanding. May we keep our heads held high, continue to open our hearts and our hands to those around us, and carry on loving and nurturing our families. Only in holding tightly to love and to hope will we be victorious.

With love,


© Rebecca Pine


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